Cerebral function depends largely on the state of the vascular system. In 70-80% of stroke incidents, the origin is ischemic necrosis. The hemorrhage or, in the case of cerebral embolism, the vascular occlussion is only partly responsible for the functional impairment. The restriction of the blood flow by the vascular nerves further impairs the  disturbed part of the cerebrum. Addition a lot of cerebral diseases or complications occur because the waste products that can no longer be removed and stored in the ganglionic cells, causing the restrictionor complete inhibiton of cell function.

Our task consist is increasing the perfussion (in producing relaxation of the vascular spasm and in reducing the damage by bringing about a substantial improvement in the blood supply in the defficient and damaged area) and lymphatic circulation.

Intraveous Procain injection increase capillary resistance and dilate the blood vessels; Quaddels over the parietal bones and injections under the scalp down to the perisotium additionaly help to restore neural equilibrium in the cerebrum beneath; One of the most effective treatment is handled by an injection to the stellate ganglion and servical superior ganglion (supremum). Even these four injections favorably influence the motor and vasomotor functions; substantially improve the patient's mental and physical mobility, restore emotional stability.

Also; because of the sympathic innervation of the cranium comes from Th1-Th4; making quaddels (intradermal injections) to these segment effects so much in cases. So in cranial disorders/diseses, we should not forget to evalate thoracal blokages by making manuel therapy as well.